Our partnerships in Switzerland

Our partnerships in Switzerland

Sustainable outcomes through long-term partnerships

UBS supports organizations and projects that make a contribution to the welfare of society in Switzerland. The firm focuses on the areas of education and entrepreneurship. UBS aims to maintain long-term partnerships when providing support in order to ensure outcomes are sustainable. In this way, a close and cooperative partnership is built up between charitable organizations and UBS that can do long-lasting good.


Curdin Duschletta
Head Community Affairs & Foundations

UBS works with the following organizations, among others:

Bildungswerkstatt Bergwald (BWBW) is a charitable foundation present throughout Switzerland for environmental education and the education of young people. Among other things, it runs forest project weeks for adolescents from the ninth grade that are aimed at strengthening their social and personal skills. At the end of 2010, the BWBW was recognized by the Swiss UNESCO Commission as a "United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development Activity".

UBS supports the BWBW with the carrying out of various projects and works closely with the BWBW as part of the UBS Employee Volunteering program.

Since 1974, the Ernst Schmidheiny Foundation has hosted Business Weeks at Swiss high schools and has thereby furthered the understanding of a total of 90,000 students to date in the field of business. A corporate planning game developed specifically for the purpose and overseen by experienced business managers sees the students take on the role of an executive board member.

Ernst Schmidheiny Foundation

Since their inception, UBS has supported the Business Weeks financially. Many of the bank's managers also help out as course tutors, providing the young people with concrete support in their professional career.

The "Naturama Aargau" natural history museum showcases Aargau's habitat in the past, present and future, and aims to promote the canton's sustainable development. Besides the museum, environmental courses and the sustainability task force, conservation is also part of its work. Among other things, Naturama organizes voluntary work in the countryside.

Naturama Aargau

UBS employees get involved for the benefit of the region's natural environment in a number of ways: on conservation projects, they help maintain species diversity in meadows, plant standard fruit trees with local farmers to provide a much-needed habitat for threatened species and tend hedges, ponds and mini-structures as interlinking landscape elements.

Philias promotes the topic of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Switzerland. It is the founder of a network that brings together companies throughout Switzerland that are keen to get involved in CSR in the long term. The aim of the networks' 30 members is to exchange ideas and endorse social responsibility amongst companies in Switzerland.

UBS supports the Swiss Red Cross by asking its employees to donate in the event of disasters. True to the motto "Double the impact of your donation", UBS matches its Swiss employees' donations franc for franc in the event of a disaster.

The Swiss Foundation for Landscape Conservation strives to preserve, care for and enhance landscape that is worthy of protection in Switzerland. It pursues this goal by protecting, promoting and restoring the natural and cultural values of the landscape. It is a charitable foundation and has no commercial purpose.

UBS is entering into a three-year partnership with the Swiss Foundation for Landscape Conservation from 2011 and is thus supporting the preservation, care and enhancement of landscape that is worthy of protection in Switzerland.

The Züriwerk Foundation is a non-profit organization recognized by the federal government and canton. On behalf of and in the interest of society, it backs the social and economic integration of adults with handicaps. Backed up by its wealth of experience, the Züriwerk Foundation provides professional assistance to the disadvantaged in finding work. Since 2007 it has also been involved in part-pay projects aimed at integrating benefit recipients.

Züriwerk Foundation

UBS employees regularly perform social work for Züriwerk, working together with the handicapped in production locations.

Young Enterprise Switzerland is a non-profit organization that develops practical business courses for schoolchildren and students aimed at networking schools with business.

As part of a partnership lasting several years, UBS supports the organization and every year enables 750 students at 25 high schools, commercial and vocational colleges in Switzerland to found startups, recognize business contexts and act enterprisingly. UBS also hosts the annual "Young Entrepreneurs in the Station" event in Zurich Central Station that gives young entrepreneurs valuable experience in presenting and selling their products and services to a wide audience.

Young Enterprise Switzerland

Finally, UBS employees act as volunteer consultants, providing practical business training for students in the 8th to 10th grades. Their professional and life experience gives the young people concrete help for their professional careers.