UBS employee commitment

UBS and its employees are involved in numerous projects that benefit the community in Switzerland. Our volunteering, a donation program and grants support and empower people, projects and organizations in the areas of education and entrepreneurship as well as the environment, societal issues and culture. Our goal is to make an active contribution to shaping the future of Switzerland as a strong business location.

A Helping Hand from UBS Employees

A Helping Hand from UBS Employees

"A Helping Hand from UBS Employees" is a politically neutral and non-denominational organization that was founded around 40 years ago under the initiative of UBS employees. The organization supports projects that improve the quality of life of many people in Switzerland who have physical, mental or multiple disabilities. UBS employees and retirees support the organization through membership contributions and monetary donations. The organization's board, made up of committed UBS employees, meets to determine the support of projects at regular intervals. The board members work as volunteers. UBS provides the required infrastructure, assumes the administrative costs and matches all donations as well as annual membership contributions. This means that the carefully selected projects benefit from donations and contributions in their entirety. Furthermore, efficient processes ensure that financial support goes directly and without unnecessary bureaucracy to the recipients.

Examples of projects that have been supported by "A Helping Hand from UBS Employees."

Foundation Swiss School for Guide Dogs for the Blind
The East Switzerland Foundation School for Guide Dogs for the Blind (OBS) makes a major contribution to helping blind and visually impaired people tackle everyday life by carefully training guide dogs. "A Helping Hand from UBS Employees" donated part of the training costs of guide dog "Sambo" and supported his entire training program.
The organization helps people with special needs in Switzerland to enjoy the sport of sailing. The organization maintains several sailing dinghies on Lake Constance that can be used by people with a disability. "A Helping Hand from UBS Employees" supports this project and financed two crew lifts for to make boarding easier for people with impaired mobility.


Curdin Duschletta
Head Community Affairs & Foundations