Besides its Community Affairs programs, UBS in Switzerland has been actively supporting worthy causes for more than 50 years through its independent foundations and an employee association.

  • Since 1971, the association A Helping Hand from UBS Employees assists disabled and disadvantaged people to lead active, independent lives. UBS encourages this employee involvement by matching the funds raised.
  • The roots of the UBS Cultural Foundation date back to 1962. The foundation fosters creativity, appreciation of different forms of art, and contact between artists and society. The foundation financially supports fine arts, film, literature, music, preservation of historic buildings, archaeological projects and studies in history and philosophy in Switzerland.
  • In similar fashion, the purpose of the UBS Foundation for Social Issues and Education, with its historical origins in 1972, is to support deprived communities in Switzerland in various forms. Non-profit, charitable organizations, projects and initiatives aiming at improving social welfare receive monetary assistance from these funds.