Program Overview


At UBS, we believe that investing in our communities is both the right thing to do and the smart thing to do. Our business is aligned to serve the critical needs of our important stakeholders and we approach our philanthropy with the same mindset. We've targeted our efforts to drive long-term, sustainable change through our focus on education, entrepreneurship and leveraging the time and talent of our employees.

Our programs 

UBS Elevating Entrepreneurs

UBS Elevating Entrepreneurs

Our entrepreneurship initiative which drives economic growth by encouraging a more inclusive landscape for underrepresented founders. Through our partnerships and programs, UBS provides entrepreneurs with access to training, capital and networks needed to build their companies, create jobs and contribute to their local communities.


UBS NextGen Leaders

UBS NextGen Leaders

Our education initiative which increases college and career success for students who are the first in their families to go to college. Through an online, digital platform helping students find a good-fit college and an investment in a cohort of high-potential men of color, we're supporting bachelor's degree attainment and economic mobility.


UBS Community Corps

UBS Community Corps

Our volunteering initiative, anchored by UBS’s annual Season of Service, encourages employees across the Americas to engage in their local communities through hands-on and skills-based volunteering.

To view the Americas Community Impact Snapshot, click here.

In the Americas, we donated $16 million to nonprofit organizations in 2016. * Globally, the firm contributed CHF 30 million over the same period.

*UBS Annual Report 2016

In addition to UBS Community Affairs & Corporate Responsibility, UBS Americas makes an impact through:

UBS Client Philanthropic Services

Client Philanthropic Services provides subject matter expertise, thought leadership, advice, products and solutions that help our clients make a positive change through their giving and philanthropic interests. 

UBS Bank USA (BUSA) is a $40 billion-plus FDIC-insured bank that invests locally through loans, investments, donations and services targeted to benefit low and moderate income individuals, families and underserved communities.