Program Overview

Today‘s philanthropic landscape is evolving more rapidly than ever before, and the need for strong corporate citizens has never been greater. At UBS, we understand this and are committed to establishing strong partnerships and initiatives to tackle the opportunities ahead. It starts with a simple belief that every dollar and volunteer hour matters. With that in mind, we have a clear vision for the future – to help build stronger communities where everyone has the opportunity to fulfill their potential and achieve financial independence.

Our Strategic Focus Areas: Entrepreneurship and Education
In all of our efforts, we focus on what we do best–advising and guiding our clients. As one of the leading financial services companies in the world, we spend countless hours enabling clients to create lives that are meaningful to them. Our goal is to do the same for our communities through our global focus areas of entrepreneurship and education. UBS Community Affairs & Corporate Responsibility, Americas is dedicated to providing under-resourced, high-potential individuals with access, advice and education to help develop more enterprising communities. This is achieved through signature philanthropic initiatives, strategic partnerships, employee volunteering and local giving.

Our programs 

UBS Elevating Entrepreneurs

UBS Elevating Entrepreneurs
Our signature entrepreneurship initiative drives economic growth through a portfolio of programs and partnerships that enable entrepreneurs to build their companies, create jobs and contribute to their local economies.


UBS NextGen Leaders

UBS NextGen Leaders
Our signature education initiative aims to increase college and career success for first-generation, lower-income students. We support intergenerational economic mobility through bachelor's degree attainment and career readiness.


UBS Community Corps

UBS Community Corps
For our strategic initiatives to be successful, we need a strong foundation of service from which to build. UBS Community Corps introduces a new way forward for volunteering in the Americas that enables our people to serve their communities in ways that are meaningful to them.

To view the Community Affairs & Corporate Responsibility, Americas downloadable Fact Sheet, click here (PDF, 264 KB)

In the Americas, we donated $16 million to nonprofit organizations in 2016. * Globally, the firm contributed CHF 30 million over the same period.

*UBS Annual Report 2016

In addition to UBS Community Affairs & Corporate Responsibility, UBS Americas makes an impact through:

UBS Client Philanthropic Services

Client Philanthropic Services provides subject matter expertise, thought leadership, advice, products and solutions that help our clients make a positive change through their giving and philanthropic interests. 

UBS Bank USA (BUSA) is a $40 billion-plus FDIC-insured bank that invests locally through loans, investments, donations and services targeted to benefit low and moderate income individuals, families and underserved communities.