Employee engagement

UBS has a strong tradition of volunteerism in APAC. In 2013, 44% of APAC staff volunteered, which was double the global average. In total, our region volunteered almost 28,000 hours across various Community Affairs projects. Across the region, UBS employees continue to volunteer in a diverse variety of both skill-based and grassroots programs. Clients and family members are also often invited to join in. 

Key highlights:

  • In 2014, the UBS Finance Academy program in Sydney marked its 12th anniversary, and over the years has provided more than 550 public school students with first-hand insight into the world of finance and exposure to UBS. Over the course of the program, students were provided with the opportunity to listen to, and interact with, key industry figures. Students also gained practical knowledge of financial markets through “day in the life” presentations, merger and acquisition case studies and a field trip to both UBS’s live trading floor and CNBC’s filming studio.
  • In 2013, during the Regional Volunteer Experience, volunteers from across Asia Pacific travelled to Japan and joined local volunteers to work together on the Team Tohoku program in the remote north-eastern community of Kamaishi City, aimed at helping the community get back on its feet following the 2011 tsunami. In June 2014, UBS and its local NGO partner RCF signed a three-way declaration with Kamaishi underscoring their joint commitment to continue activities aimed at revitalizing the city.
  • In its third year, Singapore’s Diversity in Abilities arts program, targeted at bringing visual and performing arts to children in special education, was awarded Singapore’s National Arts Council Patron of the Arts Award 2013. More than 140 children have been trained by renowned local and regional artists, culminating in stage productions and art exhibitions featuring Singapore’s Minister of Education.
  • Po Leung Kuk (PLK), founded in 1878, has evolved into a diversified group offering a wide-range of social services for disenfranchised groups in the community. It currently runs over 260 units in Hong Kong, providing welfare, educational, recreational and cultural services to the community. UBS supports Po Leung Kuk through the Children's Development Program (CDP) and Baby College (BC) where UBS employees provide extra-curricular kindergarten to secondary level English and Putonghua courses for children from low income families.