Lilith- Center for Women and Children, Oberbuchsiten SO

Financing of solar collectors to promote energy-saving architecture in the new mother and child center

Lilith- Zentrum für Frauen und Kinder

Lilith in Oberbuchsiten was founded in 1982 as a center for women with or without children currently in a difficult phase of life and requiring in-patient treatment due to a mental illness and/or addiction. In a protected environment, the residents and their children receive the support and encouragement they need around the clock. The duration and content of the treatment on offer are decided on jointly and adapted to the needs of each resident. Besides treatment, Lilith also provides its residents with a daily routine in the day center and sensible occupations according to their abilities. A stay at Lilith is designed to give women more independence and a greater sense of responsibility for themselves and others. The home currently has 16 places for women aged 18 years and above.

The treatment offering in its current form was formulated in 1996 and met with huge demand from the beginning. Current occupancy is still high at over 90%. Due to this pressure on capacity, a new building with ten additional care places for women and their children will be built.

To ensure that the new building and its additional care places can function as autonomously as possible, the UBS Foundation for Social Issues and Education is financing the installation of energy-saving solar collectors in Lilith’s new mother and child center.


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