Fundaziun de Planta Scientific Appraisal of the Historical Collections of the Biblioteca Rumantscha

Fundaziun de Planta

The Chesa Planta in Samedan is a regional cultural center that offers a many-sided cultural program consisting of exhibitions, concerts, lectures and other events in the fields of literature, music, art and film. The imposing patrician residence – a baroque building in the traditional Engadine style – was built in 1595 by the aristocratic family von Salis and passed into the hands of the von Planta family in 1817. The museum for home furnishings in the house offers a picture of the aristocratic European lifestyle, and the internationally renowned Biblioteca Rumantscha is considered the stronghold of the Rhaeto-Romansh language and its culture. It encompasses a large collection of Rhaeto-Romansh literature, Rhaetian culture and Romansh linguistics and, comprising about three thousand works, it is one of the most important and comprehensive Rhaeto-Romansh libraries. The cornerstones of the library are, on the one hand, the papers of the poet Peider Lansel from 1940, and, on the other hand, the old Salis-Planta library. The two libraries contain precious manuscripts and documents such as the Nouv Testamaint by Giachem Bifrun von Samedan, the first printed example of Rhaeto-Romansh literature from the year 1560.

On the occasion of the seventy-fifth anniversary of the foundation and the seventieth anniversary of the cultural center, the collections of the old Salis-Planta Library as they were installed by National Counselor Andreas Rudolf von Planta-Samedan at the end of the nineteenth century will be – for the first time – scientifically appraised and made accessible to the public.

With a project grant of CHF 20,000 the Foundation Board supports the opening up of the library collections, thus acknowledging the engagement of the Fundaziun de Planta Samedan for the Rhaeto-Romansh cultural and literary heritage.