Foundation Hirschen Ensemble Renovating the Facade of the Hirschen Oberstammheim

Foundation Hirschen Ensemble – Renovating the Facade of the Hirschen Oberstammheim

In 2014 the hotel Hirschen Oberstammheim in the Zurich Weinland district was awarded the label “Historical Hotel of the Year” by ICOMOS Suisse, a subsidiary organization of UNESCO focused on the preservation of historical buildings and heritage sites. The half-timbered house Zum Hirschen, which was built in 1684 and has served as an inn since 1786, is a key feature of the famous local villagescape. In view of the singularity of the complex consisting of six buildings, it was decided to place the Hirschen under cantonal monument protection and have it refurbished, in collaboration with the respective Heritage Office. For the purpose of preserving the historical building for future generations and to keep it open to the public, the project “Hirschen Oberstammheim – A Historical Complex with a Future” was launched. The idea is to keep history and tradition alive by merging heritage preservation with contemporary usages, thus also making a contribution to the development of the Zurich Weinland as a special place of interest. In the context of the comprehensive refurbishment, a number of features of cultural-historical significance such as the wattle and daub wall of the Wyttenbach House are to be renovated. At the same time, the project, which is funded mainly by the family of the owners and with the support of public grants and private foundations, includes the renovation of the inn’s facade. Thus the impressive building can continue to contribute to the renown of this remarkable villagescape that has gained acclaim far beyond the Canton of Zurich.  

The Foundation Board awards a project grant of CHF 30 000 for the renovation of the facade of one of the most impressive mansions from the seventeenth century in the Zurich area.