Anne Pitteloud Writer and Cultural Journalist

Anne Pitteloud – Writer and Cultural Journalist

The Geneva journalist and writer Anne Pitteloud (b. 1972) has been a member of the editorial staff of the newspaper «Le Courrier» since 2002 where she is responsible for the literary section. In addition to her journalistic work she writes novellas and poetry and serves on committees promoting literature. At present she is writing a book on the life and work of Catherine Safonoff. The first comprehensive study about this significant writer is to be published in Editions Zoé in 2017. Catherine Safonoff was born in 1939 in Geneva, a city that plays a significant part in her often autobiographically informed oeuvre. For her first novel, La part d’Esme (1977), she received the literary award Prix Georges Nicole, followed by further awards for her work, such as the Swiss Literary Prize (2012) and, recently, the Grand Prix Ramuz (2015). Pitteloud’s study sticks closely to Safonoff’s literary texts and analyzes the tension between her autobiographic and fictional style of writing. In chapters grouped thematically she investigates Safonoff’s trademark «récit de soi» which is tipically both fragmentary and intimate, yet never immodest. In the second part of her monograph, Anne Pitteloud approaches the life and work of her protagonist through conversations.

With a project grant of CHF 8,000 the Foundation Board supports the study of the oeuvre of Catherine Safonoff, one of the most outstanding representatives of contemporary French literature.