Urs Augstburger Author

Urs Augstburger - Author

The new novel by the Ennetbaden-based writer Urs Augstburger (b. 1965) carries the title «Kleine Fluchten». It deals with the little daily escapes in an average Swiss family by the name of Richter-Grossen living in a town at the foot of the Alps, and reflects them against the life-long flight of Rebin Diljan, a political refugee who fled to Switzerland from the mountains of Kurdistan and now works as a beekeeper. Already in his earlier novels, Augstburger, a former journalist, revealed his gift of interweaving personal histories, powerful myths, and current issues. In his novel «Als der Regen kam» (2012) the topic was Alzheimer’s, in «Wässerwasser» (2009), the last volume of his «Mountain Trilogy», he addressed the issue of climate change. Augstburger - who has worked part-time as head of co-productions in the documentary section of Swiss Television since 2006 - has also drawn attention to himself by developing new forms of mediating literature. In his «Audio and Visual Plays» which he performs in connection with his novels, the books’ themes are staged by artists from different genres with the help of texts, film, music, and other performative elements. A live multimedia program is also planned for his new novel in the hope of reaching a wide audience and sparking enthusiasm for literature.

The Foundation Board awards a project grant of CHF 10000 for the work on a novel soon to be released and for testing out new forms of the mediation of literature.