General Anthroposophical Society Restoration of Goetheanum in Dornach

General Anthroposophical Society - Restoration of Goetheanum in Dornach

The Goetheanum was built between 1925 and 1928 according to the plans of Rudolf Steiner (1861 - 1925), the founder of anthroposophy. Up to this day the building, which also comprises a theater hall and a library, is the base of the Anthroposophical Society and serves as a venue of education, art and spiritual encounter. The building bears witness to the sculptural possibilities of the comparatively recent composite reinforced concrete. It is regarded as an early and significant example of organic architecture. Not only its height of thirty-seven meters and volume of 90,000 cubic meters are impressive features, but also its expressive sculptural idiom. The monumental building has inspired numerous artists and architects, including people like Le Corbusier (1887 - 1969) and Hans Scharoun (1893 - 1972), and ranks among the «innovative hallmarks in the history of modern architecture» (Markus Brüderlin). Over the last few decades the damages to the façade’s beton brut and the Nordic slate-covered roof have markedly increased, making a complete renovation necessary. The restoration of this building of national and international significance, which has been under monumental protection since 1994, is now underway.

The Foundation Board awards a project grant of CHF 50000 in support of the restoration of this unique building, which is of great significance for the history of architecture and culture.