Fredi M. Murer Filmmaker

Fredi M. Murer - Filmmaker

The filmmaker Fredi M. Murer (b. 1940), who lives and works in Zurich, gained wide acclaim among audiences at home as well as abroad with his motion picture Höhenfeuer (1985) which won the Golden Leopard at the Locarno Film Festival and was recently chosen by the members of the Swiss Film Academy as the best Swiss movie ever. Of his more than twenty documentaries and fictional films, Vitus (2006), which tells the story of a reluctant musical wunderkind, was the most successful in commercial terms. It was shown in over fifty countries and received ten international audience awards. The fact that Murer is among the most prominent figures of the New Swiss Film movement also has a lot to do with his support for the cause of Swiss filmmaking in respective academies and associations. Murer, who received his training in photography at the Zurich School of Art and Design, has focused on the medium film ever since the early 1960s. His artistic aspiration finds expression in his narrative style as well as his visual language in which fictional, documentary as well as biographical elements tend to transcend boundaries and flow into each other. Tellingly, one of his films of 1991 bears the title «Die verborgene Fiktion im Dokumentarfilm». Traces of this combination of fiction and documentation also tend to surface in his motion pictures, not least in his latest movie «Liebe und Zufall » (2014) which was inspired by an autobiographical of his deceased mother.

The Foundation Board awards an honorary grant of CHF 20000 in appreciation of Fredi M. Murer’s cinematic oeuvre and his long-term commitment to Swiss filmmaking.