Heidy Nyman Musical Theater “Zwischen Zeiten und Welten”

Heidy Nyman - Musical Theater “Zwischen Zeiten und Welten”

In 2014 Switzerland and Japan celebrate their 150th anniversary of diplomatic relations. For this occasion the composer, musician, and choir director Heidy Nyman (b. 1959) was commissioned to arrange a musical soiree on the history of relations between the two nations that appear so different at first glance. The Lucerne-based musician, who knows Japan from several concert tours and feels a “close bond with the country, its culture, and its people,” developed the idea of staging the two countries’ idiosyncrasies and the close bond between them in the form of an opera. The result is a Japanese-Swiss musical theater in three acts that tells a story, set between reality and dream, of a woman from the Grison mountains and her relationship with a remote landscape in Japan and the people who live there. Nyman’s composition not only joins Western and Eastern musical instruments, it also couples traditional and contemporary musical genres from both countries. The piece is to be premiered in Lucerne in June 2014. On the ensuing tour through various cities in Japan and Switzerland, the company will be joined by the Swiss singer Corin Curschellas and her ensemble La Grischa.

The Foundation Board appreciates Heidy Nyman’s commitment to contemporary art music and supports the composition of the multimedia opera “Zwischen Zeiten und Welten” with a project grant of CHF 10,000.