Filmkollektiv Zürich AG “Unstillbares Feuer” by Urs Graf

Filmkollektiv Zürich AG - “Unstillbares Feuer” by Urs Graf

In his previous work, the Zurich-based filmmaker Urs Graf (b. 1940) has worked extensively on the life and oeuvre of a wide range of artists. Most recently he produced three documentaries on the work of three composers - two male and one female - engaged in contemporary art music and explored the “unknown dimension of music” in the creation of a new oeuvre. In his new project Graf uses his camera to follow over the course of a year three male and one female artist who have recently all suffered a severe physical trauma. Their bodily impairment has had serious repercussions on their artistic work and has threatened to upset the way they were used to express themselves, thus posing a real threat to their innate sense of identity. Graf’s new documentary tells of how the four protagonists, among them the famous sculptor Schang Hutter, faced up to this existential challenge and sought new ways of working and modes to express themselves in an attempt to start anew. For the author as well as for the four persons portrayed, the significance of the project lay in the fact that the film not only deals with the “necessity to begin afresh” as far as the life and work of the artists are concerned, it touches upon human existence as such.

The Foundation Board awards a project grant of CHF 25,000 to this documentary for addressing the exigency of artistic creativity, the challenge of existential crises, and the courage it takes to go new ways.