In the six funding areas the UBS Culture Foundation relies on various person- and project-related instruments such as "acknowledgement grants", "promotion grants" or "project grants". The Foundation Board decides on the eligibility of a project and in what form funding is to be awarded. Furthermore, the Foundation Board has the authority to support artists, writers, musicians, scholars, etc. of its own choosing and which it considers worthy of promotion. The Board's decisions are based on the general guidelines and follow the criteria listed below which apply to all funding areas. Furthermore, the Board observes certain criteria that are specific to each funding area.

We support individual artists, scholars and projects that are

  • of professional standard and relevant to Switzerland
  • of high quality and cultural relevance
  • display an independent and innovative profile
  • develop a sustainable impact on public life
  • are based on an application that meets the required standards

We do not support projects and individual artists and scholars who are

  • not of Swiss nationality or do not have permanent residence in Switzerland or, at least, a close relationship to the country
  • being supported by other agencies of the founder company (UBS) - e.g. through sponsoring
  • in education or advanced training
  • engaged in diploma projects, dissertations or school projects
  • seeking subsidy to cover operating costs or to substitute public expenditure

New: Please send us two copies of your grant proposal.