Individuals and institutions seeking a grant must submit their proposal in written form in duplicate to the Foundation Office. If you have any questions whether your project qualifies for a grant, please contact the Foundation Office by phone for clarification.

The proposal should provide a comprehensive picture of your project and cover all salient aspects, including all the people involved in the project. A grant proposal should include:

  • Accompanying letter (PDF, 36 KB)
  • Fully completed application form
  • Detailed description of the project including precise information with regard to content, formats, aims and target groups, persons and institutions involved, and time frame
  • Detailed budget and financial plan (the field of Visual Arts is exempt)
  • Additional enclosures as specified in the application form, such as audio or reading samples, documentation of works, catalogs, etc.

“Swiss Foundations”, the Association of Swiss Grant-making Foundations, has issued a manual with general recommendations concerning the submission of grant proposals. You can download the manual (PDF, 36 KB)here.