Humanities & Cultural Sciences

UBS Culture Foundation supports historical, philosophical and transdisciplinary projects with a clear focus on Switzerland. In particular we support projects that make an innovative and sustainable contribution to the general understanding of scholarly and scientific knowledge, to the benefit of social advancement. In addition, UBS Culture Foundation is prepared to support Swiss museums in the acquisition of objects of major cultural-historical substance and significance.

We support

  • Scholarly projects that explore the cultural history of Switzerland and inquire into issues of historical and philosophical significance
  • Transdisciplinary and cultural research projects focusing on Switzerland’s past and present
  • Educational projects with a focus on the mediation of relevant scholarly knowledge

We do not support

  • Scholars who are not of Swiss nationality or, at least, do not have permanent residence in Switzerland or close ties to Switzerland
  • Projects submitted by universities or colleges in the context of degree courses or further training
  • Projects developed in the context of degree theses (Master’s, PhD, or Habilitation)
  • Publishing costs of scholarly works.