Sponsorship engagements - Formula 1®

As a Global Partner of Formula 1, UBS has made this unique and exciting sport the centerpiece of our international sponsorship portfolio. The partnership constitutes a key element of our branding activities and underscores the values we share with Formula 1: a commitment to high performance and success through teamwork. It also provides us with a year-round brand presence on television and live at the 19 Grand Prix, as well as client hospitality at each race – often one of the highest profile sporting events of the year in the host country.

Formula 1, which began in 1950, is the world’s most prestigious motor racing competition and one of the most popular annual sporting series. It is watched by over 527 million television viewers from more than 187 countries, making it one of the most-viewed annual sports in the world.

In Formula 1, victory often depends on mere hundredths of a second, adding to the sport's drama and fascination. This is what makes this sport so fascinating!

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