Reaching new heights at the Hahnenkamm

Since 2013, we have been supporting ski racing at the highest level.

Since 2013, we have been supporting ski racing at the highest level.

UBS is a proud partner of the Hahnenkamm Races in Kitzbühel. The partnership with this remarkable racing event began in 2013, originally focusing on client hospitality and was expanded in 2018 with prominent and dynamic branding. Such brand visibility at the event, in the form of banners and a large cuboid screen with info on the races and competitors, added to our social media activation program solidifies our status of supporter and unrivalled source of fresh perspectives on the race.

The Hahnenkamm, which takes place every year at the Austrian ski resort is regarded as one of the most prestigious and breathtaking spectacles in world sport. Consisting of the downhill, slalom and 'Super G' disciplines, this is no easy feat and remains one of the most feared among the competitors themselves. The mighty Streif downhill event is probably the most difficult amongst them, with the protagonists reaching speeds of up to 150km/h and having to take on up to 80m jumps.

UBS Ski Ambassador and five-time winner of the Hahnenkamm Didier Cuche is instrumental in our coverage of the event. The Swiss, who was also part our The Decision video series with Nico Rosberg, has earned huge respect due to his success in Kitzbühl and plays a central role in providing insights about the competitors and slopes, which are published across a selection of our social media channels.

We hope you enjoy the show.