UBS - Global Lead Partner of Art Basel, the world's premier art shows

Art Basel in Basel, June 16–19, 2016

Art Basel is the most important fair for modern and contemporary art and will take place for the 46th time from June 16–19, 2016. UBS has been supporting Art Basel in Basel since 1994.

More than 300 galleries from all continents represent over 2'500 artists, from early 20th century classics to the most contemporary. Art Basel reflects and sets impulses from all around the world and introduces/showcases them to an interested art public.

As lead partner, UBS is not only involved in Art Basel, but also in the innovative platform Unlimited. This platform enables artists to realize highly original and ambitious art pieces. These are sometimes spectacular, sometimes discreet and subtle. But they are always significant works created by outstanding artists.

Tip: Parcours

In Parcours, Art Basel presents extraordinary artistic sculptures, installations and productions in changing historical city districts in Basel. Parcours is open to the public and entry is free.