Festival Casals: the sounds of San Juan

The annual Festival Casals of Puerto Rico, founded in 1956 by famous cellist, conductor and composer Pablo Casals, brings the world's most important musical talent to San Juan.

Celebrated every year in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Festival Casals showcases some of the world’s finest classical musicians and orchestras.

February 28 – March 17, 2018

At the start, the festival's Orchestra was made up of musicians under contract for this specific event, mostly from the United States, with very few local musicians taking part. By 1958, Casals founded the Puerto Rico Symphony Orchestra, and by 1970 most of its chairs were held by native Puerto Rican musicians. During the past 59 years, Festival Casals has brought numerous world-renowned international performers to Puerto Rico.
We are the proud main sponsor of Festival Casals.