Our selection criteria

As key marketing tools, our sponsorship activities rely on fundamental guiding principles to ensure success. These define what we do or do not sponsor, and how we can leverage the initial investment in a sponsorship fee. The following principles provide a basis for approaching any sponsorship opportunity.

Selection criteria for submitting sponsorship proposals:

The sponsorship partner should have unique local or regional reach, and should be best in class.

By definition, sponsorship is a mid- to long-term commitment. The sponsorship offer should be based on a duration of several years.

Sponsorship has an impact on our brand. Therefore, the offer needs to be a good fit for UBS and possess outstanding local reputation or prestige.

Individual sponsorships
Our sponsoring strategy does not generally include support for individuals such as athletes, artists, or personalities. Exceptions can be made, however, provided these individuals can be integrated into our existing platforms as ambassadors.

UBS receives a large number of sponsorship requests. We regret we are unable to fulfill every request.

If you think your sponsorship offer is a unique opportunity and UBS is the right partner for your program please fill out our sponsorship request form