Why we do what we do

One of our many global sponsorships is Formula 1, the most prestigious motor sports competition in the world.

Sponsorship is a long-standing tradition at UBS. Our portfolio helps the world better understand who we are and what we believe in, and at the same time presents exciting business and hospitality opportunities.

Our global sponsorship framework is based on a strong strategy – commitment to, and expertise in, a narrow number of fields. This helps build relationships with our clients, sponsorship partners, and the wider global community.

Formula 1® and contemporary art play a big part in our story. They continually show us what’s possible through excellence, innovation and creative thinking, and occasionally hint at where society might be heading. By channeling this passion through powerful initiatives and activation platforms, we build credibility in both fields.

We are also involved as a patron in Switzerland through our work with the UBS Culture Foundation and the UBS Foundation for Social Issues and Education, in accordance with clear regulations.