Foreign affairs

Capital flows are developing in step with the globalization of commodity flows, which is resulting in the increasing interconnection of the global financial markets.

International connections and market access

For Switzerland as a financial center, but also as a business location with a small domestic market, access to foreign markets is of key importance. Due to Switzerland’s economic integration and geographical position in Europe, safeguarding good relationships with the EU is also a prime concern.
As part of the implementation of its financial market policy in relations with third countries, and to safeguard and improve market access, Switzerland can conclude inter-governmental agreements with other countries.

On February 9, 2014 the Swiss population voted on and approved a new system to limit immigration. In the meantime the Swiss Parliament has revised the Swiss Law on Foreign Nationals. In addition a popular initiative with the title "Raus aus der Sackgasse", meaning "break the deadlock", which would like to strike the amendments resulting from the acceptance of the mass immigration initiative from the Swiss constitution, is also under discussion.

The debate around the implementation of the mass immigration initiative continues to pose a major challenge for Switzerland in terms of both domestic and European policy. The Swiss economy continues to be reliant on experts and specialists, some of whom come from other countries. This is therefore a key challenge to solve for the Swiss economy.


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