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UBS hits milestone in mobilizing private wealth for public good

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  • The world's leading global wealth manager raises USD 325 million for The Rise Fund – the largest investment in the Fund.
  • The sum is UBS's biggest step so far to meeting its USD 5 billion commitment to impact investments related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • The Rise Fund was co-founded by Bill McGlashan, Bono, and Jeff Skoll, in collaboration with The Bridgespan Group and the Founders Board.

Zurich, 10 July 2017 – UBS, the world's leading global wealth manager, has raised USD 325 million for The Rise Fund as part of a five-year plan to mobilize private wealth for public good.

The sum raised represents the largest investment in the private equity impact investment vehicle. The Rise Fund is committed to achieving measurable, positive social and environmental outcomes alongside competitive financial returns. Its objectives are aligned with the UN SDGs.

After raising USD 471 million for its UBS Oncology Impact Fund last year, UBS committed to raise USD 5 billion for SDG-related impact investments over the next five years at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2017 in Davos.

The Rise Fund is an impact investing collaboration among several parties, including:

  • Co-Founders Bill McGlashan, Bono, and Jeff Skoll. Bill McGlashan is CEO of The Rise Fund and Founder and Managing Partner at TPG Growth.
  • The Bridgespan Group, a global non-profit advisor and resource for mission-driven organizations, philanthropists and investors, which has worked with The Rise Fund to design its impact assessment methodology.
  • The Founders Board, a group of influential thought leaders with a deep personal and professional commitment to driving social and environmental progress.
  • The Rise Council, which supports the Fund and the impact investing industry more broadly, and whose members include UBS.

Sergio Ermotti, Group CEO at UBS, said: "UBS is proud to have raised the largest investment in The Rise Fund. Our partnership represents a significant milestone in mobilizing private wealth for public good. We hope it will encourage our clients and others to support similar ventures and help make the world a more sustainable place."

Mark Haefele, Global Chief Investment Officer at UBS Wealth Management, said: "Our private clients care deeply about making an impact on society as well as earning a compelling return. Impact investing offers them the opportunity to do both, and as such the industry is likely to grow significantly over the longer term."

Simon Smiles, Chief Investment Officer for Ultra High Net Worth at UBS Wealth Management, said: "Our wealthiest clients can commonly commit to longer-term investments and are therefore well-suited to impact investing. Interest in impact investing is especially high among millennials, but is also growing strongly across our entire client base, particularly in Asia."

According to UBS's white paper for Davos 2017, private wealth could play a much bigger role in funding the SDGs, yet most initiatives ignore it.

Private wealth investment tends to be longer-term and hence aligned with the SDGs, and also has fewer constraints than institutional capital. It can be incentivized by mainstreaming SDG-related impact investing, enhancing SDG funding gap data and measurement, standardizing investment terms and disclosures, and connecting investors with opportunities via platforms and other initiatives.

The Rise Fund will focus on investments in seven sectors in which independent research has shown that impact is both achievable and measurable in quantitative terms: education, energy, food and agriculture, financial services, growth infrastructure, healthcare, and technology, media & telecommunications. It will invest predominantly in growing companies across developed and developing markets.

Any investment opportunities in the Fund are restricted to qualifying investors only, are not available for general distribution to retail clients, and are not available in certain jurisdictions.

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