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UBS restates 2008 annual report

Zurich / Basel Price Sensitive Information

As announced in UBS's first quarter 2009 report published on 5 May 2009, UBS has restated its annual report for 2008, including the financial statements and other information.

For full-year 2008, the total net impact of all restated items was a reduction of net profit and net profit attributable to UBS shareholders of CHF 405 million, a reduction of equity and equity attributable to UBS shareholders of CHF 269 million, and a reduction of basic and diluted earnings per share by CHF 0.15 and CHF 0.14 respectively.

The full, restated Annual Report 2008 in English can be downloaded from UBS's website at The restated Annual Report 2008 is not available in languages other than English.

As also announced on 5 May 2009, UBS will re-file its annual report 2008 on Form 20-F with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. The updated Form 20-F will be re-filed on 21 May 2009 and replaces the document filed with the US SEC on 11 March 2009. An electronic version of the filing is available for viewing and downloading at Hardcopies of the 20-F form may be obtained by contacting Investor Relations on +41-44-234 4100.