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UBS launches a new share class of UBS-ETF DJ Japan Titans 100

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Institutional share class added to existing share class for private investors

UBS is expanding its offering of UBS Exchange Traded Funds (UBS ETFs) with the launch of UBS-ETF DJ Japan Titans 100 I. This institutional class supplements the existing share class (UBS-ETF DJ Japan Titans 100, securities number 1 272 995), which primarily targets private investors. Units of UBS-ETF DJ Japan Titans 100 I can now be traded on the Swiss stock exchange (SWX).

UBS-ETF DJ Japan Titans 100 I allows institutional and high net-worth private investors to participate in the performance of the Dow Jones Japan Titans 100 Index easily and in a cost-efficient manner. The Dow Jones Japan Titans 100 Index includes the largest and most liquid Japanese companies. This index has been set up with a particular focus on liquidity, transaction costs and representation of the market, specifically as a basis for exchange-traded funds.

The individual stocks in the index are weighted by float-adjusted market capitalisation. As at 30 September 2006, the Dow Jones Japan Titans 100 Index represented approximately 56% of the Japanese stock market's market capitalisation. With a share of around 12% of global market capitalisation (USD 3,827 bn as at 30 September 2006), the Japanese stock market, along with those in the US and UK, is one of the three leading equity markets in the world.

The inclusion of Japanese stocks in a global portfolio can lead to improved diversification and can optimise the risk/return profile as the Japanese stock market performs independently with little correlation to the US and European stock markets.

UBS-ETF DJ Japan Titans 100 I details:

Fund name:

UBS-ETF DJ Japan Titans 100 I

Fund type:


Fund domicile:


Portfolio management:

UBS Global Asset Management (UK) Ltd

Investment company:


Fund administration:

State Street Bank Luxembourg S.A.

Custodian bank:

State Street Bank Luxembourg S.A.

Launch date:

30 October 2006

Currency of account:



Dow Jones Japan Titans 100 Index

Accounting year ends:

31 December

Income distribution:


Management fee:

0.20% p.a.

Issue price:

2000 x the index value

Minimum holding:

1 unit

Securities number:

2 597 285



Stock-exchange listing:

SWX Swiss Exchange

Trading currency:


Bloomberg ticker:


Reuters RIC:


UBS Exchange Traded Funds combine the best features of investment funds and shares. They consist of units of an investment fund which replicates the composition of an index. Units are listed on one or more stock exchanges and can be traded in the same way as equities during normal trading hours. Besides these benefits, they also offer comprehensive investor protection, as is usually the case for funds registered for public distribution.

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