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UBS optimises its range of company credit cards and enters into extensive collaboration with AirPlus

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UBS and AirPlus are jointly launching a complete solution for business travel management. By pooling services, both partners are able to provide domestic and international corporate clients with an efficient and transparent check on their travel expenses.

From April 2006, the new partnership between UBS and AirPlus International will offer Swiss-based companies a complete solution for optimized and efficient travel management. This will make administration of business trips significantly easier. The full service package comprises the AirPlus Company Account, a centralised settlement solution for travel bookings, and the UBS Visa Corporate Card, which can be used as a cashless payment method for all the usual outgoings on business trips.

The benefits offered by the UBS Visa Corporate Card, such as flexible settlement methods - in foreign currencies, too - as well as favourable exchange rates and comprehensive insurance cover, are tailored to meet the needs of multinational companies. The UBS Visa Corporate Card is accepted at over 24 million sales outlets worldwide.

Corporate clients also have a high-performance Management Information System (MIS) at their disposal. The AirPlus Information Manager is a sophisticated online solution enabling a comprehensive evaluation of all travel services paid for via an AirPlus Company Account and the UBS Visa Corporate Card. Companies can use the tool to obtain important insights into how to optimize their travel guidelines, thereby helping them to reduce the costs of business trips significantly.

UBS - a VISA and Mastercard® issuer - is Switzerland's leading credit card provider. Collaboration with AirPlus now enables it to enhance its credit card offering for companies.

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