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UBS classic mortgage - UBS extends its mortgage offering

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UBS is launching a new mortgage linked to the yield on the ten-year government bond, with a variable rate of interest and a fixed term of three or five years. The UBS classic mortgage incorporates an upper and a lower interest-rate limit, both of which remain unchanged throughout the term of the mortgage. The new mortgage rounds out UBS's existing product offering, giving clients a choice of mortgages to suit every interest-rate situation.

The new UBS classic mortgage is linked to the yield on the ten-year government bond and offers a variable rate of interest and a term of three or five years. The interest rate is adjusted every six months in line with the performance of the 10-year benchmark yield. This provides more transparency for clients who choose to finance their home with a variable-rate mortgage.

First mortgage product linked to the yield on government bonds

As well as interest-rate transparency, the UBS classic mortgage also offers budget security thanks to a contractually agreed maximum rate of interest. While the lower limit offers clients scope to benefit from a reduction in interest rates down to the agreed minimum, the upper limit protects them from a sharp rise.

An ideal addition to the existing mortgage offering

The UBS classic mortgage complements UBS's existing product line, which includes the UBS fixed-rate mortgage, UBS portfolio mortgage and UBS moneyline mortgage. UBS aims to offer its clients the right mortgage to suit every interest-rate situation. The UBS classic mortgage is an attractive product in many instances, even in the current favourable interest-rate environment. The UBS classic mortgage gives clients the chance to benefit from a further reduction in interest rates, while lessening the impact of any future rise by fixing an upper limit.

Optimum financing thanks to broad diversification

The wide range of mortgages on offer allows clients to finance their homes using a combination of different mortgages. In the ever-changing interest-rate environment, it makes sense to spread the opportunities and risks across a range of different mortgages and terms, just as with any other investment. The secret is to find a financial solution tailor-made to suit individual client requirements.

As with all UBS mortgages, the interest rate on the UBS classic mortgage is fixed individually for each client.

Information on the range of mortgages offered by UBS is available on the Internet at

Zurich/Basel, 3 July 2001