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UBS Gold & Numismatics - Auctions 50 and 51.

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The Numismatic Department of UBS AG in Basel begins the New Year with a double auction, held from January 30 to February 1, 2001 in the Hotel Radisson SAS in Basel.

The sales start with the jubilee auction 50 that contains, corresponding to the event, 50 choice rarities.

The sales catalogue is published entirely in colour, with magnifications and detailed pictures of the individual coins, ingots and medallic gems. The extravagant presentation enhances the special nature of these objects and shows special details in magnification.

For the first time a gold ingot and a $20 coin from the US mail ship SS Central America, that sank in the year 1857 are being offered in Europe, as well as precious coins and medals from the whole world - ancient to modern.

Further rarities are three "Gnadenpfennige" or largesse medals from Bavaria, Brandenburg-Prussia and Palatinate-Simmern that represent exceptional artistic merit. Specially notable is a coronation tankard from Prussia containing 61, in part, extremely rare coins.

The total estimation of this sale is CHF 1,4 - 1,8 Mio.

The immediately consecutive auction 51 contains 2568 lots with a total estimation of CHF 2,2 Mio.

Gold and silver coins, medals and bank notes from diverse countries and special series of Switzerland, Germany (with the Kingdom of Westphalia), Russia, Holy Roman Empire / Austria and South American countries are offered in this sale.

The auction begins with 232 lots of Swiss coins, including an exceptional series of rare bank notes.

Belgium contains outstanding mintages from Brabant and Flandres. Specially notable are patterns of the Kingdom from the King Faruk of Egypt Collection. Germany follows with 467 lots, including a series of coins from the Napoleonic Kingdom of Westphalia (100 lots), then France, Greece, Great Britain, Italy, Netherlands, Poland and Portugal.

Russia is represented with an impressive series of 12, 6 and 3 rubel platinum coins.

The Swedish section contains a decorative "Gnadenpfennig" representing highest artistic workmanship, as well as a gold medal commemorating the death of King Gustav Adolph. Coins and medals from Spain, Czechoslovakia, Turkey and Hungary end the European section.

After a few items from African states, a very large group of South American coins, including lots of very rare minors, will be auctioned. Specially notable is a large series of Brazilian coins of over 240 lots.

Canada and a larger group of US coins complement the American section. The sale ends with a smaller group of Asian and Australian coins.

Zurich / Basel, 15 January 2001