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UBS is the best online broker in Switzerland.

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UBS Ranked Switzerland's Number One Online Broker in September
By BlueSky Ratings

UBS is the Number One online broker in Switzerland according to recently released research by BlueSky International Marketing, Inc. The announcement was made after BlueSky conducted extensive research and analysis of more than 2000 online brokering companies in nine European countries (Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom).

"UBS maintained its leadership, once again as Number One eBroker in Switzerland because of its extensive content offering, advanced tools, improved customer service and overall ease of use", said Suzan Nolan, President of BlueSky International.

UBS was ranked Number One as identified by independent research carried out by a team of expert web users at BlueSky International. The team examined more than 500 features and functions on each site, including ease of navigation, user friendliness, simplicity and customer service. Each site was rated individually in terms of quality of the user's experience.

"UBS has retained its position as the leading online broker in Switzerland because of its very extensive product and information offer," said Suzan Nolan, president of BlueSky International. "For instance, secure WAP trading has been added, as has after-hours trading on the Swiss exchange. In addition, real-time trading execution is available for six markets - the US including AMEX, NASDAQ and NYSE, London, Milano, Paris, Xetra in Germany and Zurich and UBS offers options trading plus a variety of search instruments, stock filters and research publications."

The complete BlueSky Ratings™ for September can be found in the Online Trading section of the web site. The BlueSky Ratings cover the top seven online brokers in nine European countries, plus the best US brokers for European residents. Eight key decision points are compared for each, such as cost of commissions, the number of markets traded, the languages offered and the mutual fund offerings. There is also an easy link that enables the user to ask for more information. An explanation of the methodology and criteria used for the ratings can be found on

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Paris, 30 September 2000