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July 2005

  1. The recent dip in Swiss industrial activity appears to have been temporary. According to the latest UBS survey, economic momentum regained strength in the second quarter and this upswing will remain largely intact from July to September.

June 2005

  1. As of 1 July 2005, the following interest rates shall apply to UBS Time Deposit Accounts and Medium-Term Bonds.
  2. The UBS Consumption Indicator rose marginally in May, consolidating the advance registered since its most recent low in February this year. It is signalling a slight acceleration in consumption growth from the second quarter onwards, and indicates that Swiss domestic demand is solid overall.
  3. Investor interest in commodities has increased significantly in recent years driven mainly by increased globalisation and the awareness that Asia remains an economic force that will increase with time. But not only this, investors have reflected on the lower investment returns that have been generated by traditional assets classes since the bursting of the bubble and, consequently noted the powerful cyclical and structural forces that benefit commodities. Unlike traditional asset classes like equities or bonds, investors not too familiar with the positive characteristics and properties of commodities tend to focus on the high volatility element of this long-standing asset class.

May 2005

  1. UBS is launching the UBS Consumption Indicator. This is a leading indicator that foreshadows GDP figures three to four months ahead of release and provides a reliable measure of the private consumption trend in Switzerland. The indicator currently points to an acceleration in consumer spending in the second quarter after a modest rise in the first three months.The UBS Consumption Indicator will be launched in May 05 and published on a monthly basis.
  2. UBS and iTunes are giving a free song to all Swiss residents

April 2005

  1. Listed real estate markets put in a brilliant performance in 2003 and 2004 with returns of over 30%, but according to a recent UBS study they are still not overvalued. Returns expected by UBS experts over the next few years are based on long-term trends, however - i.e. 6-8% per year - and are thus considerably lower. The markets thus appear to be settling down. In the increasing similarity between the characteristics of listed real-estate investments and the underlying direct markets and the unstoppable global development of real estate investment trusts (REITs), the experts see two further trends that will make acquiring real estate via the stock exchange preferable to direct ownership as a form of investment in the future.
  2. Temporary slowdown in industrySwiss industrial growth in the first three months of 2005 slowed somewhat more sharply than firms had originally forecast. According to the latest UBS survey, however, there is now a good chance of a renewed pickup in the second quarter of the year.

February 2005

  1. The cyclical upswing in the Swiss industrial sector has reached its peak. The latest UBS business survey points to a moderate slowdown in growth in the first quarter of 2005.