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July 2000

  1. UBS today announced preliminary second quarter results, showing outstanding growth of 134% since the same period last year on a post-tax basis, adjusted for divestments and one-off provisions.

June 2000

  1. Since commencing its programme on 17 January 2000 UBS has bought back 18,421,783 shares at an average price of CHF 217 over a second trading line on the SWX Swiss Exchange. This represents 4.3% of UBS's share capital, which was repurchased over a five month period. These shares cannot be reissued.
  2. AG provides the first integrated business-to-business portal for small and medium-sized enterprises and is aiming to be the clear market leader for far-reaching e-business solutions in the SME segment. With capital investment of approximately 50 million Swiss francs and the expertise of the five founder companies namely, Schweizerischer Gewerbeverband (Swiss Trade Association), Mobiliar, Swisscom, UBS and Valora, a unique service portfolio has emerged. The portal is principally designed as an open platform. It allows access to third parties to present their services or to establish web communities. AG, which was founded at the end of May, with headquarters in Bern, has set itself the goal of assisting Swiss SMEs in gaining a foothold to e-business by providing comprehensive and integrated solutions which will be available from October 2000 onwards.
  3. UBS has sold its stake in Swiss National Insurance Company with the company's agreement. Both parties have agreed not to disclose details of the price paid for the shares.

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