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August 2000

  1. UBS is convening an Extraordinary General Meeting on 7 September 2000 at which shareholders will be invited to approve an increase in the share capital to fund the merger transaction with PaineWebber. Shareholders will be requested to approve the creation of 38 million new UBS shares in the form of authorized capital and 17 million new UBS shares in the form of conditional capital. The Board of Directors will propose that UBS shareholders be paid a partial dividend of CHF 4.50 per share relating to the first nine months of 2000.

July 2000

  1. The two major Swiss banks, Credit Suisse Group and UBS AG, have welcomed the decision by US District Judge Edward Korman to approve the USD 1.25 billion settlement. The verdict reached by Judge Korman in the fairness hearing has cleared the way for the settlement to be made. It is now up to the court to draw up a distribution plan by autumn 2000 and to determine how the funds are to be distributed. The banks hope that those Holocaust survivors or their heirs with an entitlement to the monies from the fund will receive the amounts they are due as soon as possible. The Swiss Bankers Association will publish on the Internet a list of names of the holders of dormant and closed accounts dating from the Second World War era who may have been victims of the Holocaust.
  2. UBS Verbier Festival Youth Orchestra celebrates its debut at the opening of the 2000 Verbier Festival & Academy.
  3. Freedom and mobility are becoming increasingly important in our communication age. As a leading provider of e-banking services, UBS aims to keep one step ahead of this development. Starting July 18, UBS is offering a limited number of clients the opportunity to carry out their banking and stock market transactions via their WAP mobile phones. This service will then be made available to all UBS e-banking clients from the autumn onwards.
  4. The clients of UBS Private Banking are increasingly seeking customized solutions and targeted professional advice covering their whole life-cycle. UBS has addressed this challenge by setting up special advisory teams for the different needs of specific client groups and today announces the launch of its Sports and Entertainment Group.
  5. UBS today announced preliminary second quarter results, showing outstanding growth of 134% since the same period last year on a post-tax basis, adjusted for divestments and one-off provisions.

June 2000

  1. Since commencing its programme on 17 January 2000 UBS has bought back 18,421,783 shares at an average price of CHF 217 over a second trading line on the SWX Swiss Exchange. This represents 4.3% of UBS's share capital, which was repurchased over a five month period. These shares cannot be reissued.