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UBS brings top Nobel Laureates to Singapore to explore global trends that shape our world today

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Inaugural UBS Nobel Perspectives Live! brings economics alive for 1,000 students engaging with the world's brightest minds

Singapore, 30 August 2017 – UBS today brings the world's top Nobel Laureates in Economic Sciences to Singapore in the first leg of its global Nobel Perspectives Live! event. More than 1,000 university students attended "Global trends that shape the world " event which featured four Nobel Prize laureates in the field of economic sciences:

  • Michael Spence of NYU Stern who received the prize in 2001 for research on the dynamics of information flow and market development, discussed the rise of technology and artificial intelligence and its effect on global labor markets.
  • Robert Merton of Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University, who won the Nobel Prize in 1997 for his research on financial theory, outlined how financial markets have made the world better off.
  • Roger B Myerson of the University of Chicago, who was awarded the Nobel prize in 2007 for the foundation of mechanism design theory, discussed the application of game theory in political decision-making and voting systems.
  • Peter A Diamond of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology who focuses on labour markets and won his prize in 2010, discussed the demographic challenges inherent in labour markets.

Guest of honour, Baey Yam Keng, Parliamentary Secretary for the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth, addressed the students and kicked off the panel discussions at the forum.
Tracey Woon, Vice chairman Asia Pacific, UBS Wealth Management, said: "Singapore is the ideal location for UBS to launch its first Nobel Perspectives Live! forum given its status as a leader in financial and wealth management, education and technology.
We have been grooming the future pipeline of talent in Singapore for over 10 years since the launch of the UBS University Asia Pacific in Singapore in 2007. Today, we aim to provide a global platform to bridge economic theory and everyday reality. The Nobel Laureates will discuss and debate a wide range of topics with our future generation – from labour markets and the changing career landscape, to financial risk, and designing optimal social systems."

"In our globalised world, young Singaporeans will have questions about their future, and how they can fulfil their dreams. As a small nation, Singapore must invest in our youth. We should support them in pursuing their aspirations, and work with them in making Singapore the best home for our current and future generations. At the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth, we will continue to support and partner our youths in shaping our nation’s future.” said Baey Yam Keng.

Johan Jervøe, Group Chief Marketing Officer of UBS, said: “The work of these thought leaders has provided answers to many of the big questions in society and economics. As heroes of the economic world that UBS is part of, they have shaped business and culture through their lifework. We’re honored and excited about providing a platform showcasing both the Nobel Laureates and their achievements.” 

Mrs Tracey Woon said "We hope that Nobel Perspectives Live! provides a platform for Singapore's youths to discuss issues that are close to their hearts, and ask questions that will guide us for tomorrow."

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