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UBS launches a new wave of its brand campaign focusing on women

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Zurich, 6 March 2017 – UBS highlights its efforts around women and diversity initiatives with a new, international wave of its brand campaign focusing on women.

It builds on the UBS brand campaign launched in 2015, with a film featuring a series of questions asked in the voice of clients.

The film, developed by a predominantly female team at Publicis, features significant questions a female entrepreneur may ask in her life and reflects some of the unique challenges faced by women today. It continues the series of films demonstrating the understanding of UBS for its clients and ends with the campaign line “For some of life's questions you are not alone. Together we can find an answer.”

The featured track, “Free Me,” was re-recorded by the British singer Joss Stone exclusively for the campaign. Joss Stone say of the film: “The question that touched me the most was: why do I have to keep proving myself? The track record doesn’t seem to matter as much when you are female. I have done so much, how many times do I need to show you that I can do everything a man can do?”

“We chose to focus the campaign on women because it is important for us to communicate directly to our female clients, and marketing is one way of doing so. UBS is committed to further increase diversity - not only because it is the right thing to do, but also because it is key to achieving our goals,” said Johan Jervøe, UBS Chief Marketing Officer.

The campaign will run in TV-like environments on digital channels globally, supported by a dedicated microsite page and across social platforms.

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