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February 2009

  1. UBS took notice of the communiqué and will defend itself vigorously
  2. UBS is resolving investigations relating to its US cross-border business by entering into a Deferred Prosecution Agreement (DPA) with the US Department of Justice (DOJ) and a Consent Order with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).
  3. UBS announced today structural changes to adjust to new market conditions and the changing environment.UBS created two new business divisions: Wealth Management & Swiss Bank under the leadership of Franco Morra and Juerg Zeltner, and Wealth Management Americas, led by Marten Hoekstra. Each of the three executives is a member of the Group Executive Board.The new structure re-focuses UBS on its Swiss core businesses, on the large scale and strengths of its international wealth management franchise in Switzerland, and on the growth potential of its on-shore business globally.The Investment Bank has made substantive progress in de-risking and de-leveraging its balance sheet, and its overall structure has been greatly simplified. Achievable targets have been set for 2009 for further reducing headcount and for use of balance sheet and overall risk. UBS confirmed the Board of Directors' and the Group Executive Board's commitment to each of UBS's business divisions and strategy. Despite difficult market conditions, UBS has made substantial progress in adjusting its operations and has prepared itself for the new market environment.

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July 2008

  1. UBS representative Mark Branson, Chief Financial Officer of Global Wealth Management & Business Banking, today testified at a US Senate Subcommittee hearing. The title of the hearing was "Tax Haven Banks and US Tax Compliance".

June 2008

  1. UBS AG has successfully completed its CHF 15.97 billion rights offering, which was approved by its shareholders at the Annual General Meeting on 23 April 2008.
  2. UBS Wealth Management Americas Continues To Offer Municipal Securities Products To Clients.UBS announced today that it will close its Investment Bank's institutional municipal securities business through an orderly wind-down. UBS Wealth Management Americas will continue to be a leading provider of municipal securities products to private clients by assuming responsibility for secondary trading efforts, introducing an open architecture platform for new issues and expanding its municipal research team.

May 2008