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Results of the Annual General Meeting of UBS AG

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At the Annual General Meeting held on May 2, 2013, UBS AG shareholders approved the Annual Report and Consolidated Financial Statements for 2012 and confirmed Ernst & Young AG, Basel, as auditors. They also approved the distribution of a dividend of CHF 0.15 per share (99.01%) from capital contribution reserves.

Compensation Report approved
In an advisory vote, a majority of shareholders (82.54%) approved the 2012 Compensation Report for 2012.

Discharge approved
The shareholders approved the discharge of the members of the Board of Directors and the Group Executive Board for the 2012 financial year (89.6%).

Elections to the Board of Directors
The Annual General Meeting confirmed in office the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Axel A. Weber (94.67%) and fellow Board members Michel Demaré (95.66%), David Sidwell (95.58%), Rainer-Marc Frey (95.24%), Ann F. Godbehere (94.75%), Axel P. Lehmann (95.74%), Helmut Panke (95.22%), William G. Parrett (95.43%), Isabelle Romy (95.94%), Beatrice Weder di Mauro (96.01%) and Joseph Yam (95.72%). Reto Francioni (98.54%) was elected to the Board for the first time.

Detailed CVs of all the members of the Board of Directors are available at

UBS wishes to thank Wolfgang Mayrhuber, who has left the Board of Directors, for his valuable contributions in serving the firm, and wishes him all the best for the future.

2'501 shareholders attended the Annual General Meeting, representing 1'809'082'901 votes.


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