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UBS Investment Bank announces the launch of UBS Exchange-Traded Commodities (ETCs) on the London Stock Exchange

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UBS is pleased to announce the launch of UBS Exchange-Traded Commodities (ETCs), a series of innovative investment products that allow a broader range of investors to gain exposure to commodities in an easy, efficient and flexible way through the UBS Bloomberg Constant Maturity Commodity Index (CMCI) and its family of sub-indices.

The ETCs are publicly traded Notes that track the performance of the CMCI, the first benchmark commodity index to diversify not only across commodities but also maturities. In addition to the CMCI benchmark, through the Notes investors will be able to access a number of sub-indices which track sectors, individual commodities and strategies. The return on the Notes is directly linked to the performance of the relevant Index, which is based on the performance of the underlying commodities. Each Index is available in US Dollars, Euro or Sterling.

The Notes are tradable on the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange, providing investors with exposure to the commodities market through a simple stock exchange transaction.

Zak Cherkaoui, Commodity Index Structurer at UBS Investment Bank, said: “Up until recently, the market for commodities investment has been largely restricted to sophisticated investors. A broader investor base in the UK will now be able to gain exposure to the commodities market in an efficient and effective way using the LSE regulated and traded UBS ETC product.”

Jason Barron, Global Head of Equity Derivatives at UBS Investment Bank, said: “Over the years, UBS has developed a strong position in the creation and development of innovative index-related products to meet demand from our clients and intermediaries. UBS ETCs provide exposure for a broader range of investors to the commodities asset class, offering exceptional diversification opportunities for a wider investor community.”

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