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UBS AG Hong Kong Branch Releases Financial Information

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UBS AG's Hong Kong Branch today released its Key Financial Information Disclosure Statement, as required by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority of overseas-incorporated authorized institutions.

The UBS AG Hong Kong Branch Key Financial Information Disclosure Statement (attached) includes financial information relating to the operations of the branch as at 31st December 2007. The Statement includes: Income Statement; Balance Sheet; Notes to the Accounts; Off Balance Sheet and Liquidity Information and Group Consolidated Financial Information.

The UBS AG Hong Kong Branch is wholly integrated with the global operations of UBS AG and managed on global functional lines.

Copies of the UBS AG Hong Kong Branch's Financial Disclosure Statement as at 31st December will be available at the 52/F Reception, Two International Finance Centre, or by contacting Cecilia Leung (Tel: +852 2971 8763, Fax: +852 2971 8201, E-Mail: from 31st March 2008. A copy is also filed with the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, which keeps this notice in its Public Registry, maintained under Section 20 of the Hong Kong Banking Ordinance.


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