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UBS Global Asset Management Launches First Absolute Return Plus Fund in Singapore

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UBS Global Asset Management announced today that it has launched the UBS (Lux) Key Selection Sicav - Absolute Return Plus Fund ("UBS Absolute Return Plus Fund") in Singapore. Targeted at retail investors in Singapore, the fund aims to generate consistent, positive returns across various market conditions and is the first retail fund from UBS to offer absolute returns to Singapore investors.

The UBS Absolute Return Plus Fund is designed as a core holding in an investment portfolio, acting as a stabiliser to achieve consistent returns. Managed actively, the fund will seek to generate stable returns and diversify total portfolio risks, independent of benchmarks, and exploit market opportunities by diversifying its investments globally across all traditional asset classes, and in a wide range of currencies and derivative instruments.

UBS Absolute Return Plus aims to achieve a performance objective of four percent above three-month money market (gross of fees) over a full market cycle of three to five years. In 2006, funds europe magazine named UBS Absolute Return Plus its "European Fund Launch of the Year 2006".

"UBS Global Asset Management has a 25-year track record in managing active asset allocation accounts and currently manages more than US$ 120 billion on behalf of institutional clients in this area. Our work in developing Absolute Return strategies, such as the one applied to this fund, was driven by client requests to address and manage the risks and shortfall they felt existed in their traditional investment portfolios. These same Absolute Return strategies, which account for close to US$ 15 billion of assets under management, are now available to retail investors for the first time in Singapore," said Colin WOODS, Managing Director and Head of Third Party Distribution, Asia (Ex Japan, China) of UBS Global Asset Management.

He said, "Timing is something that many investors become fixated on when it comes to investing. UBS Absolute Return Plus addresses investors' concerns of market timing by aiming to generate consistent, positive returns within a full market cycle of 3-5 years. As a core investment, investors will be able to stabilise their total portfolio by potentially reducing the portfolio's overall risk."

UBS Global Asset Management is one of the largest institutional asset managers in the world with a track record of 25 years in managing diversified portfolio. Currently, its combined fund size in diversified portfolio is estimated to be around US$ 710 billion.





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