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Inaugural UBS Wealth Management Associate Program for APAC launched in Singapore

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UBS Wealth Management is proud to announce the completion of the UBS Associate Residential Training (ART) program in Singapore, the first phase of its inaugural Wealth Management Associate Program in APAC. Launched in Asia Pacific to develop talent in the wealth management industry, the program comprises 18 months of integrated rotational training.

The Wealth Management Associate Program was launched in February 2006 with the aim of growing and enhancing the standards of the wealth management talent pool in the region.

"UBS invests significantly, and for the long term, in its people and infrastructure. Given the limited supply of talent in the markets in which we operate as well as the ferocious war for that talent, it has long been a priority to create a pipeline for future Client Advisors and Product Specialists in order to support future growth. We are confident that the establishment of the Associate Program will further cement our leading position in the Wealth Management industry by developing our most important asset - our people," said TEE Fong Seng, Regional Market Manager for South East Asia, UBS Wealth Management

"The program is specially tailored for developing the participants into outstanding Clients Advisors or Product Specialists in Wealth Management in the Asia Pacific region. It consists of a mix of residential classroom training and practical on-the-job training experiences, both in their home country and on international assignments. Participants will go through a series of rigorous sessions designed to develop their technical knowledge, sales and advisory skills, personal and leadership abilities," added Fong Seng. Participants in the Associate Program underwent a stringent assessment process and were recruited from a number of markets including Switzerland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and Singapore. Made up of people from various disciplines, the class was notable for its diversity of background and working experience.

Associates are participating in an 18-month integrated rotational training program comprising a six-week intensive classroom-based course in Singapore; job rotations in Products and Services, Investment Solutions and Wealth Management Operations (for Associates on the Client Advisory track); culminating in an assignment in Switzerland.

In its commitment to talent development, UBS also provides a separate three-year comprehensive in-house training program for all client advisors. A client advisor who successfully meets the benchmark for technical and client advisory training will receive a Wealth Management Diploma.

In addition, UBS is an industry partner of the Singapore Management University's Wealth Management Institute, offering scholarships and internships to students of the Master of Science in Wealth Management program.


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