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UBS Securities Japan and UBS AG (Tokyo Branch) report loss of client data

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During the course of a global upgrade of UBS's data archiving system, a hard disk containing limited data relating to past and present clients of UBS in Tokyo (both UBS Securities Japan Ltd and UBS AG Tokyo Branch) was discovered to be missing. An investigation by UBS has been launched. At this stage, UBS has no reason to believe the data have been used improperly.

While it is highly likely that the disk has been mistakenly disposed of, in the event that the information has entered the public domain, the risk of client information falling into the hands of a third party is small as the data are recorded in a special format that is difficult to read.

For UBS Securities Japan Ltd - the information pertains to approximately 9,500 accounts extending from September 1999 to August 2004, of which about 500 are individual accounts.

For UBS AG Tokyo Branch - the information pertains to 6,000 accounts extending from July 1994 to December 2004, of which about 300 are individual accounts.

The hard disk contains data which, in some cases, include client names, addresses, telephone numbers, account numbers, transaction records and account balances.

For this project, in addition to upgrading its own archiving platform, UBS Securities Japan Ltd was commissioned by UBS AG Tokyo Branch to undertake the system upgrade on the latter's behalf.

UBS deeply regrets the incident and is working closely with the regulators to take appropriate remedial action.


Kakuko Suzuki

UBS Securities Japan Ltd

Tel: (03) 5208 6887

Tokyo, 30th May 2005