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UBS and Youth Outreach join forces to help young people in Hong Kong to enter the labour market

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"Typically, the young people sleeping rough in Hong Kong have little education and few skills. The support UBS is providing to the Youth Outreach Express courier service will enable a number of them to take their first step into the labour market and prove to prospective future employers that they are able to work hard and hold down a regular job," said Peter NEWBERY, Executive Director of Youth Outreach.

The Youth Outreach Express courier service is part of an employment start-up scheme which aims to help young people to gain work experience in real working conditions where they are paid wages at the market rate with bonuses for good performance. "Through first-hand experience of working in the different areas of the scheme, they learn the practical aspects of working life and basic business practice," said Newbery.

"Youth Outreach targets an often overlooked part of society in Hong Kong. The family problems it addresses are particularly acute and in some ways emblematic of Hong Kong. At UBS, we hope that employee volunteering will, in the future, augment the financial support we are providing, said Kathryn SHIH, Country Head Hong Kong at UBS AG.

UBS's support will finance job training at the Youth Outreach Express Service - part of the Youth Employment Start-up (YES) scheme. Generic job training takes place through a year-long period of work in the YES document delivery service rather than through academic courses, simulated job situations or un-paid voluntary placements.

Established for in excess of 10 years, Youth Outreach was set up by Peter Newbery, an ordained priest and Associate Professor at the University of Hong Kong, Department of Social Work and Social Administration. Youth Outreach aims to provide crisis counselling and shelter to young people on the streets of Hong Kong. It does not promote or deliver any religious message. Each month, Youth Outreach in Hong Kong deals with between 400 and 600 cases.

UBS's Community Affairs initiative in Asia Pacific, UBS seeks to identify and build long-term sustainable relationships with one or more core partners in each of the major markets in which it operates.

The initiative concentrates primarily on educational, regeneration and environmental projects and applies UBS's business principles emphasising the importance of learning, sustainable growth and the wealth creation process.

Hong Kong, 12 August 2004

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