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UBS Wealth Management Research releases “The Decade Ahead: The Great Deleveraging”

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Updated report offers UBS clients investment strategies to address global deleveraging during “potentially disruptive time”

UBS Wealth Management Research, the research division of UBS Wealth Management Americas (WMA), today released “The Decade Ahead: The Great Deleveraging,” a report identifying deleveraging as the major theme of the next ten years. Authored by Chief Investment Strategist Mike Ryan and Head of Wealth Management Strategies Tony Roth, the report finds that deleveraging will likely unfold in a gradual manner, making diversification investment strategies more important than ever.

The report is part of an ongoing research and white paper client advisory series titled “The Decade Ahead” which was first published in 2010. The series has been developed with the aim of helping clients better prepare for the decade ending in 2020.

The report argues the deleveraging cycle is unique to this decade because it simultaneously cuts across three major sectors of the economy – Households, Financial Sector and Government – and carries with it the following implications:

  • Slow and volatile economic growth may drive the Federal Reserve to tolerate higher inflation as a tool in easing debt burdens.
  • Further bank restrictions on credit will inhibit economic activity.
  • Deleveraging’s exposure of global trade imbalances will promote geopolitical tensions.
  • Market returns will be more compressed, indicating equity investors should expect only “normalized” returns until the deleveraging process ends, and government bonds will appear riskier.

“Our team has worked diligently to offer a balanced and well-researched perspective on how the deleveraging process will likely play out through 2020,” said Mike Ryan. “We are confident our eight recommended investment and portfolio strategies will help investors better position themselves during this challenging and potentially disruptive time.”

UBS Wealth Management Research developed the eight investment and portfolio strategies in partnership with the firm’s Portfolio Advisory Group.

To obtain a copy of the report or seek more information, please contact Emma Stradling at

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