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UBS named #1 Global Economist in the US by Bloomberg Markets

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On Thursday, December 1, Maury Harris, Chief Economist at UBS, and his team, including Sam Coffin, Kevin Cummins, and Drew Matus, were ranked the No. 1 economic forecasters in the United States by Bloomberg Markets annual ranking.

The Bloomberg Markets ranking includes predictions by 354 forecasters covering 11 countries. The US ranking reviews the work of 78 forecasters during the two years started on Oct 1, 2009. It measures the accuracy of economic forecasts in 13 categories, including gross domestic product, unemployment, consumer and producer price indexes, homes sales, industrial production and personal spending. To qualify for the competition, banks and research companies were ranked if they made predictions for the U.S. and at least four other countries.

In addition to the US ranking, UBS received top billing in Australia, with Scott Haslem being named the country’s No. 1 economic forecaster. UBS was among a select group of financial services companies that received the No.1 ranking in more than one country.