Distribution of a dividend out of capital contribution reserve in either cash or UBS AG shares

At the 2015 AGM the shareholders of UBS AG approved a proposal by the Board of Directors for a distribution per share, at the election of each shareholder, of either (i) CHF 0.50 in cash, to be paid out of the capital contribution reserve, or (ii) a number of new UBS AG shares to be determined so as to be of substantially equivalent value to CHF 0.50.

Shareholders have the possibility of electing to receive, for each share held by them, either CHF 0.50 in cash (the "Cash Election") or a number of new UBS AG shares to be determined so as to be of substantially equivalent value as the Cash Election (the "Share Election"). This is referred to as cash or share (title) dividend or "COTD." If shareholders do not make an election, they will receive CHF 0.50 per share in cash, as if the Cash Election had been chosen.

Detailed information with respect to the cash or share (title) dividend can be found in the shareholder brochure.  For shareholders located in the European Economic Area, this brochure contains information pursuant to Article 4(1)(d) of the EU Directive 2003/71/EC and the corresponding provisions of the law of any and all member states of the European Economic Area that have implemented such provision, including without limitation §4(1) no. 4 of the German Securities Prospectus Act (Wertpapierprospektgesetz). Prior to making any decision with respect to the cash or share (title) dividend, each shareholder should read the above-mentioned document and the other documents named in it with due care.

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