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UBS statement on regulatory actions by the U.S. Federal Reserve and the Swiss Federal Banking Commission

Investor Releases

The Federal Reserve Board (FED) and the Swiss Federal Banking Commission (SFBC) have sanctioned UBS in connection with violations of an agreement governing its involvement in the "Extended Custodial Inventory Program" for US dollar banknotes. The FED has announced that it will levy a civil penalty of USD 100 million. UBS recognizes that very serious mistakes were made, accepts the sanctions and expresses its regret. It has already instituted corrective and disciplinary measures and has decided to exit the international banknote trading business.

In 1996, UBS, through its Investment Bank, entered an agreement with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (NY FED) as part of the "Extended Custodial Inventory Program"(ECI). The ECI agreement allowed UBS to maintain in Zurich a depot for US dollar banknotes for the NY FED. Such depots are established with private sector banks in order to ease the introduction and circulation of new US dollar banknotes while retiring old ones.

As part of the agreement, UBS undertook not to deliver, accept or deposit US dollar banknotes into or out of the NY FED depot to or from clients in countries facing US trade restrictions.

After NY FED enquiries, UBS found that banknotes had been traded with Cuba, Iran, Libya and Yugoslavia, in breach of the agreement.

UBS subsequently launched, in close co-operation with the authorities, a comprehensive internal investigation, with a taskforce including outside counsel.

That investigation further revealed that the former employees involved had submitted false reports to the NY FED concealing the transactions in question.

As a consequence of these findings, and having taken into account UBS's co-operation, the FED has announced that it will levy a civil penalty of USD 100 million. The SFBC has reprimanded UBS, and will make inspections to assess the effectiveness of UBS's corrective measures.

Peter Wuffli, Chief Executive Officer, said: "UBS recognizes that very serious mistakes were made. We accept the sanctions, take full responsibility, and would like to express our regret. We have already instituted a number of corrective and disciplinary measures. The behavior highlighted by the investigation cannot and will not be tolerated in UBS. We will do everything we can to prevent similar incidents and put this matter behind us."

Several employees have been dismissed. Disciplinary measures were taken against other employees.

In addition, UBS has decided to end its banknotes trading business with counterparties in countries outside Switzerland. UBS will in future limit its banknotes business to physical delivery to financial institutions in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. The banknotes trading to be discontinued is an immaterial part of UBS's foreign exchange business. UBS has no intention to re-enter this business.

Zurich / Basel, 10 May 2004