Historical timeseries & spreadsheets

The historical timeseries provide historical financial information for the Group, the business divisions and the Corporate Center. The spreadsheets contain the financial information taken from the most recent quarterly report. These documents and information should be read and used in conjunction with our quarterly and annual reports. For additional information and clarification, please refer to these reports:

Please note that some of the figures in the historical timeseries and the spreadsheets may differ from those originally published in our quarterly and annual reports (due, for example, to adjustments subsequent to organizational changes).

The 2014 results and the balance sheet in the annual report 2014 issued on 13 March 2015 differ from those presented in our fourth quarter 2014 report issued on 10 February 2015. The net impact of adjustments made subsequent to the publication of the unaudited fourth quarter 2014 financial report on net profit attributable to UBS Group AG shareholders was a loss of CHF 105 million, which decreased basic and diluted earnings per share by CHF 0.03. Refer to “Note 37 Events after the reporting period” in the “Financial information” section of the annual report 2014 for more information.

Historical timeseries

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