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Summit time

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  • Russian President Putin is meeting US President Trump today. Markets are only going to be interested if there is a hint about changing sanctions against Russia. President Trump has declared on Twitter that the media will be negative about the summit. This may be like the employment report tweets - a "hint" not to expect much.
  • The summit may have indirect effects. US President Trump said over the weekend that the EU was the greatest foe of the US (there are EU-China meetings today). The EU has not been accused of interfering in US elections, but it has committed the unpardonable sin of selling Americans things they want to buy. Shifting political alliances may shape fears of trade tensions.
  • The interminably tedious process of getting the UK out of the EU continues. The Telegraph reports 100 Conservative members of parliament are coordinating opposition to the government via WhatsApp. The most unlikely thing about this story is the idea 100 Conservative members of Parliament know what WhatsApp is.